Contact the ERes Manager

I am an instructor and would like an ERes account
Simply send e-mail to the ERes manager ( and include the following: I did not see my question or I did not understand the answer
Send e-mail to the ERes manager and include the following
  1. Location of station connecting from (home/office/lab -- be specific about office/lab location; if home, be specific about Internet access, e.g. AOL, Hunter dial-in, etc.)
  2. Operating system (Win3.x vs. Win95 vs. Mac)
  3. Type and version of browser (remember: Netscape 3.0 and higher is preferred)
  4. Exact step where you run into trouble
  5. Exact error message (if applicable) or missing action/result
  6. Information about previous attempts to do the same (from this particular computer): Did it work before, when was this?
  7. Information about any (hardware) changes to your computer: Did things stop working after the change?
Please understand that this information is crucial for us to be able to really help you. The more details you provide, the higher the chance that the problem will be solved quickly. Thanks for your understanding. We know that giving all this information is a pain.

I think I have discovered a bug in the program
Basically, follow the same rules as above. But since you are likely to be a more computer-savvy user, we would like to ask you an additional favor. Could you try to replicate the error doing the same thing again and producing the identical glitch? Also, try to rule out other factors (like congestion on the Internet, slowdown on the Hunter internal backbone) that may keep you from getting any response. Also, at times, it helps to just restart (reboot) your computer (even with Win95) and/or to empty the disk cache of your browser (Netscape).
So, call it a bug only, if you did reboot your computer, ran your browser with an emptied disk cache and with no other applications running and having been able to reproduce the glitch under these conditions. Thanks much!

How to send e-mail

To send e-mail, simply click on one of the links above. If you use a browser where the e-mail feature is disabled (as currently in several labs at Hunter -- much to my chagrin), use the following address:
In this case, be sure to put "ERes problem" in the subject field -- when reporting a problem, and "ERes new user" when requesting an ERes account. This will help to speed up a response. When you click on the links above, the subject field is set up automatically.

Currently, these messages get forwarded to Jamie Wallace at OICIT ( who took over a primary ERes manager from Manfred Kuechler in August 1998. So, by using the generic address your message will always reach the ERes manager, whoever is serving in this capacity at any given time.