Social Sciences

On July 1, 1998, the Division of Social Sciences was folded into a comprehensive School of Arts and Sciences under a new Dean, Dr. Ann H. Cohen, as part of a reorganization plan initiated by then Hunter College President David A. Caputo.  Further details about the new structure of  Hunter College and the new school are available from the Hunter College home page.  In summer of 2002, former Dean of Social Sciences Judith Friedlander became Acting Dean of School of Arts and Sciences.
As the details of the new structure are still being worked out and the internal organization of Hunter College may change yet again under now President Jennifer Raab , the departments in the former Division of Social Sciences continue their close cooperation in computer related matters. To this purpose, a Social Science Computing Committee (SSCC) was formed.The chair of  this committee is Dr. Ann Henderson Associate Dean for Research, Planning, and Facilities at the School of Arts & Sciences. It is coordinated by the Manager of the Social Science Computing Lab, Mr. Nick Trippel.

Maxweber is the Social Sciences Departmental Web Server for Hunter College. The maxweber server also hosts the ERes system (electronic reserve shelf) for course related materials. ERes accounts are available to all Hunter faculty (part-time, full-time, all departments). Contact the ERes manager to obtain an ERes user account (for faculty only); students and visitors do not need an account to use the ERes system. Shell accounts on maxweber are restricted to departmental web masters.
The maxweber server is co-administered by OICIT (currently: Clarence Feng) and SSCC (currently: Manfred Kuechler).
This second server for the social sciences offers space for personal web page for both faculty and (graduate) students. This server also provides experimental space to test cgi-scripts and other features that constitute some security risk. These features are not available on the maxweber server to minimize the likelihood of service interruptions and to maximize the availability of the ERes system. It went into service in October 1998 after the SSCC had developed usage policies and guidelines.
This second server is administered by the manager of the  Social Science Computing Lab, Nick Trippel.
This computer offers a facility to perform statistical analyses of very large data sets via remote access for faculty in the social sciences.
This server is administered by the manager of the  Social Science Computing Lab, Nick Trippel.
From here, you can link to the home pages of the seven departments which comprised the Division of Social Sciences:
Social Science Computer Lab Other Divisional Programs
There are also several interdisciplinary programs, including Asian-American Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Jewish Social Studies, Environmental and Energy Policy Studies, and Womens' Studies. Check the on-line Hunter College Phone Directory for contact information.

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