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Each course in the ERes system has its own page, on which are displayed all documents and Web links entered by the instructor listed by description. Users must therefore first display the course page in order to view documents or follow Web links.

Following the "Find your course / View documents" link on the ERes splash screen bring up the main document index screen. There are three ways to find a course page of interest from the index screen:
Finding a course by department name: Clicking on List courses by department name on the main documents index screen displays a list of all departments for which courses have been entered into the ERes system. A point-and-click on a given department brings up the list of all course pages for that department, showing the course designation, course name, and instructor's last name for each.
Finding a course by the instructor's last name: Clicking on List courses by instructor's last name on the main documents index screen displays a list of all faculty with course pages in ERes, listed alphabetically by instructor's last name. Selecting one with a mouse click presents the user with all course pages created by that instructor.
Using Search: The search feature on the main documents index screen allows a user to find one or more courses quickly. In the box labeled "Search by" , select "Course number" (e.g. SOC 325.22), "Course name" (e.g. Stars), "Instructor's last name," or "Department." In the "Enter search string" box type one or more character strings, separated by commas. When you click the "Start Search" button, ERes will return a list of all courses which contain at least one of the strings you entered in the selected category. For more information on search option, see ERes on-line manual section on using search.

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