Manfred Kuechler

Known Issue and work around 

Granting permissions to register for a specific class/section

Last update: 14 May 2013 -- 11:45pm

While the glitch with updating existing permissions appears to be fixed, a new issue was brought to my attention early this morning.  CUNY Centralm is working on the new problem, but there is no final solution yet.

Users may see a strange and seemingly counter-intuitive error message when trying to save a new permission, saying that an ID number must be entered.  The problems seems to occur only when the following conditions are met ( watch this brief video clip.) This results in
Then trying to enter another permission (by either the same user or somebody else later) will result  in the error message that an ID number must be entered.   This does not seem to make any sense,  but is triggered by empty ID fields in other sections.

HOW to FIX  if you get this error message:
Now, class permissions will work again for this class.