Manfred Kuechler

Quick guide:  Viewing Placement and other Test Results as a Faculty Advisor

These quick guides are based on the "simulation environment". Things may work somewhat differently in the production environment. These "quick guides" are produced quickly with little attention to formatting and fitting everything on a letter size page for printing.  More elaborate guides will be made available at a later point. These guides are meant to get you started -- following an introductory hands-on session.  Or, for the more adventurous,  to guide self-study.

To follow the instructions in this particular guide you need to have special access rights.   We have collected names of faculty advisors from schools and departments and hope that we have not missed anybody. We ask for advance sign-up to intro sessions to be able to double-check your access rights. Please be forgiving if we miss something; just let us know if anything needs to be fixed.

Posted: 5 March 2013

In some departments (including mathematics and chemistry), access to certain classes is contingent upon the results of placement and similar tests. This guide shows how to access this information in CUNYfirst.  Only faculty advisors and -- depending on departmental practices -- some departmental administrative staff need access to this information. It is not given by default to all faculty.

Of course, if you have the ID of the student enter the ID. This can save time and avoid confusion especially when a student has a common name (like Li, Wu, Garcia, Smith, Williams, etc.)

Note that there may be several screens of test results. In this example, a sixth score is shown on the next screen. Alternatively, you can click the "View all" link.  Also note the common used icon for downloading the information into a spreadsheet.

You may also want to explore the information available via the other two menu entries; see navigation menu in the first screenshot.