Manfred Kuechler

Quick guide:  Looking up Student Transcripts

These quick guides are based on the "simulation environment". Things may work somewhat differently in the production environment. These "quick guides" are produced quickly with little attention to formatting and fitting everything on a letter size page for printing.  More elaborate guides will be made available at a later point. These guides are meant to get you started -- following an introductory hands-on session.  Or, for the more adventurous,  to guide self-study.

Most  users (including faculty) will not see any "advisees". This is new functionality in Cf which requires special setup (if interested, see separate QG).  You can proceed in more than one way; for most people it will also work if they click the "student center" tab.

A search page is the real start for the process. If you know the (empl) ID for the student  (an 8 digit string) enter it, otherwise just use the student name.  If the name is common the search may take a long time, and you may want to add the Campus ID  (Hunter = HTR01).

"Course History" usually comes up faster and may give you all the information you are looking for:

Now the actual transcript:

That's it.  Reports are kept , so you can go back and view the report later again.  Transcripts are produced as pdf for easy printing and download -- but keep FERPA rules in mind!
Cf transcript contain more information (e.g., course instructors) and are much better formatted. A  genuine improvement.