Manfred Kuechler

Quick guide:  Course Rosters for Superusers -- new navigation path

Last update:  14 April 2013      

This quick guide is based on the "production environment". These "quick guides" are produced quickly with little attention to formatting and fitting everything on a letter size page for printing.  More elaborate guides will be made available at a later point. These guides are meant to get you started -- following an introductory hands-on session.  Or, for the more adventurous,  to guide self-study.

Not all "super users" will see the navigation described below in the production environment. Recently CUNY Central released a new role which provides access to course rosters in a different way -- using a CUNY modification of the underlying PeopleSoft product. This guide describes this new approach. If you don't see the matching menu items, try the original version of this guide.

Once again, these quick guides are for departmental "super users" only. Faculty (or teaching assistants) looking for their own class roster  should take the path via "Faculty Center"; see "step guides" on the lower half of our support page.

Since this is a CUNY modification, the navigation starts with the "CUNY" item on your menu (as the navigation is cumbersome, save it as a "favorite"):

Here are some important things to keep in mind when using this search form:
And here is what you get when you click on the "research result" (shown at the bottom of the screen shot above):

Note that this list also gives you a real-time update on the enrollment for all classes/sections  in the department  ("Acad Org").   Working in the departmental front and/or advising office this feature can be very helpful as it allows to monitor how sections are filling up.  It also  provides a condensed overview of the classes being offered and lets you note where the designation of "STAFF" may still have to be changed.

To access the actual roster for a class/section, click on the "three people" icon in the third column.  

You can either print roster directly as a web page or -- probably more efficient -- download first, save as Excel file, and print from there (if hard copy is needed/desired).

Note that Cf rosters contain less information than current rosters at Hunter obtained via "webroster". In particular, no option to include student photos.  We are working on keeping "webroster" alive -- as an option for faculty who prefer the additional information and/or the photos. No guarantee that Hunter will be able to do so, but the chances are good.