Manfred Kuechler

Quick guide:  Course Rosters for Superusers

Last update:  14 April 2013

Most of these quick guides are based on the "simulation environment". if things work somewhat differently in the production environment, we will update these guides accordingly. These "quick guides" are produced quickly with little attention to formatting and fitting everything on a letter size page for printing.  More elaborate guides will be made available at a later point. These guides are meant to get you started -- following an introductory hands-on session.  Or, for the more adventurous,  to guide self-study.

Not all "super users" will see the navigation described below in the production environment. Recently CUNY Central released a new role which provides access to course rosters in a different way -- using a CUNY modification of the underlying PeopleSoft product. We have a posted an additional quick guide describing this alternate approach.

Once again, these quick guides are for departmental "super users" only. Faculty (or teaching assistants) looking for their own class roster  should take the path via "Faculty Center"; see "step guides" on the lower half of our support page.

Make sure to start with "Curriculum Management"  (if you are not a "superuser" you may not have this menu item). Remember the term code:  1 - two digit year - month  ( 1 - 12 - 9 for fall/Sep 2012).  The "subject area"  is what we referred to as the "course prefix" in SIMS, the letter combination  at the start; as in SIMS.  Also the "course number" (in SIMS) is now the "Catalog Nbr". You can also use the lookup (click icon on the right). But be aware that the lookup for "subject area" leads to a very long list which contains all course prefixes ever used at Hunter and it is easy to make a mistake. As a departmental super user, you know the prefixes currently in use (e.g., "SOC" for all sociology courses) and you are better off typing this information in directly. As some departments use multiple prefixes, use only the beginning if you want a listing of all classes; e.g., "MUS".

Obviously, the more information you enter the more specific your search results. But you can work in stages:

Narrowed search results:

Click anywhere on a row to view the class roster.  Keep in mind that the section numbers in Cf are assigned differently. All sections are numbered without gaps starting with 1. No more sections 51, 52, etc. -- unless a course really has that many sections. For past semesters, SIMS section number and Cf section number may not match -- even if a course had a few sections only (what was section 1 in SIMS may not section 1 in Cf). No apparent rhyme or reason, at least none I am aware of.

You can either print roster directly as a web page or -- probably more efficient -- download first, save as Excel file, and print from there (if hard copy is needed/desired).

Note that Cf rosters contain less information than current rosters at Hunter obtained via "webroster". In particular, no option to include student photos.  We are working on keeping "webroster" alive -- as an option for faculty who prefer the additional information and/or the photos. No guarantee that Hunter will be able to do so, but the chances are good.