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CUNYfirst  Materials for Faculty and Staff in Academic Departments

Last update: 6 January 2014 -- 3:50 pm  
Updated and New Reference Guides for Campus Solutions

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However, it may be necessary to reclaim your account  (starting with the "First time user" link) -- if you have not done so recently.

Keep in mind, that the training environment can only be reached from a computer with a Hunter IP address. In addition, you may experience login problems  when using an easy way to bookmark the URL. If you bookmark the simul/training environment login page, make sure that your browser stores this short URL only:
Otherwise, your browser may not correctly handle the "dynamic re-direct" on the server side and your login may fail.


The simulation/training environment  includes the procurement module.
However, only a limited number of people will see this module in their menu, typically those who have been working with the legacy systems (like FOCUS).

 I have not been given access to this module; please direct all procurement related questions to Gil Giannini, Mitch Ahlbaum (ICIT) or Carlos Serrano (Business Office).

Handouts for introductory training sessions

Check the complete schedule of available sessions and sign up for one that fits your schedule.  Sign up for these (optional) sessions is required; please no walk ins.

Make sure to read the appropriate handout carefully before going any further on this page;  especially, if you have not participated in one of the "introductory hands-on"  CUNYfirst sessions and decided on self-study instead.

Faculty with no additional administrative or formal advising  tasks may want to go directly to the detailed list of (Hunter-specific) guides on the Hunter CUNYfirst web site.

Question & Answer page  
This page addresses  issues not  covered in the quick guides, based on questions  brought up by session attendees. it will be updated as new questions arise and/or answers are modified or expanded. This page is mirrored on
Hunter CUNYfirst web site.

Useful documents

CUNYfirst_vs_SIMS_GLOSSARY.docx -- crib sheet produced by the Hunter Registrar, recommended for all users

SS_Faculty_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 40 pages, for individual parts see "step guides" below; all what a faculty member without administrative or advising function will ever need
SS_Faculty_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 161 pages, Faculty Self Service Reference Guide
SR_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- over 350 pages, not that quick; use search/find in Adobe Reader to locate a specific  task and how to perform it   (SR = student records)
SR_Reference_Guide.pdf -- over 950 pages, Student Records Reference Guide
CS-CC_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 60 pages; the Student Services Center is an administrative 'dashboard', a single point of entry to view a wide range of student data; of special interest to advisors in "Student Services"
CS-CC_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 159 pages; Campus Community 201 Reference Guide
SS Student Quick Reference Guide -- documents the student's view of the system
Advisement_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 183 pages; Advisement Quick Reference Guide
FA_Advisement_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 31 pages; Financial Aid Quick Reference Guide
HCM_Payroll_Work_Study_Advisement_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 245 pages; Payroll-Work Study Quick Reference Guide
CS_SF_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 213 pages; Student Financials Quick Reference Guide
Student_Financials_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 467 pages; Student Financials Refernece Guide
CS-AD_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 51 pages; CUNYfirst Admissions Quick Reference Guide
CS-AD_Reference_Guide.pdf -- 284 pages; CUNYfirst Admissions Reference Guide

Quick guides for faculty advisors and staff in academic departments

These quick guides are based on the "simulation/training environment". They are produced quickly with little attention to formatting and layout (to allow printing efficiently on letter sized paper); when printing from your browser consider switching to "landscape" format.   These guides are meant to get you started -- following an introductory hands-on session -- and they focus on topics of interest to "superusers",  usually departmental administrative staff performing tasks for the department chair and other faculty, and faculty advisors.

For guides on how faculty can manage tasks related to just their own courses, see the guides with fancier formatting available at the  Hunter CUNYfirst web site.  

After logging in, always select  "HR/Campus Solutions" first:

The quick guides below all assume that you have taken this first step correctly. (If you click "Self Service" in the "ENTERPRISE MENU" -- screenshot above -- you get the wrong menu and  you will not be able to follow most the quick guides below: