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ENGL 005RAIMESEnglish for Bilingual Students
ENGL 110BOWSTEADEnglish Composition
ENGL 110BUSHEnglish Composition
ENGL 110MORRISComposition
ENGL 120BEALEIntroduction to Literature
ENGL 120DYEExpository Writing
ENGL 120HARBExpository writing
ENGL 120MANYExpository Writing: Grammar Intensive sections
ENGL 120RAIMESExpository Writing
ENGL 220BOWSTEADIntroduction to Literature
ENGL 220LARANGEIRAIntroduction to Literature
ENGL 301RAIMESTheory and Practice of Expository Writing
ENGL 329.56SMOKEMigration and Immigration: From Perspectives of 20th Century Women Writers
ENGL 332PARRYHistory of the English Language
ENGL 390.78SMOKEFeminist Science Fiction
ENGL 615RAIMESRhetoric and Composition

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