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CSCI 100FALSETTIComputer Applications
CSCI 120SCHWEITZERIntroduction to Computers-Spring 2000
CSCI 135SAKASSoftware Design and Anaylsis I - SPRING 1999
CSCI 135SAKAS/HOSKEYSoftware Design and Analysis 1
CSCI 135SAKAS/HOSKEYSoftware Design and Analysis 1
CSCI 135SAKAS/HOSKEYSoftware Design and Analysis 1
CSCI 135SAKASFALL2001Software Analysis and Design 1
CSCI 135SAKAS_HOSKEYSoftware Design I
CSCI 135SAKAS_SPR2001Software Design and Analysis 1
CSCI 135SCHAFFERSoftware Analysis and Design I
CSCI 135SCHOENBERGSoftware Analysis and Design I
CSCI 135WEISSSoftware Analysis & Design I Fall 2000
CSCI 135.99SAKASSoftware Design & Analysis I - Fall 1999
CSCI 150EPSTEINDiscrete Structures - Spring 2001 - Section 001
CSCI 150SAKASDiscrete Structures
CSCI 150SCHAFFERDiscrete Structures - Fall 1999
CSCI 150.02SCHWEITZERDiscrete Structures sec 02 Spring 2000
CSCI 235SCHAFFERSoftware Analysis and Design II
CSCI 235WEISSSoftware Analysis & Design 2, Spring 2001
CSCI 335EPSTEINSoftware Analysis and Design 3 - Fall 2000 - Section 001
CSCI 335SCHAFFERSoftware Analysis and Design III - Spring 1999
CSCI 335WEISSSoftware Analysis & Design 3, Spr. 2001
CSCI 340SAKASOperating Systems
CSCI 340.01WEISSOperating Systems
CSCI 340.51WEISSOperating Systems
CSCI 345WEISSComputer Architecture 3
CSCI 345.01WEISSComputer Architecture 3
CSCI 345.51WEISSComputer Architecture 3
CSCI 350EPSTEINArtificial Intelligence - Spring 00
CSCI 350TELLERArtificial Intelligence / Spring 2001
CSCI 395.68HUDESTopics: TCP/IP Internetworking
CSCI 395.69SCHAFFERIntroduction to Web Programming
CSCI 415HUDESTelecomputing
CSCI 435EPSTEINDatabases - Fall 99
CSCI 493.62TELLERLanguage Technology
CSCI 493.68SHANKARSoftware Modeling, Specification, and Design Methodologies (Spring '01)
CSCI 801SAKASMechanisms of Syntax Acquisition
CSCI 830.00EPSTEINData Mining

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