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Separate, single files can be deleted from the area (directory) in which ERes documents are stored for a course page using the "Delete a file" button on the Course page functions screen. The resulting display presents a list of all files in the directory, from which an individual file can be selected for deletion.

This feature is primarily intended to either replace, rather than completely delete, a file associated with an ERes entry, or to delete a file which became corrupted during file transfer and is not associated with an ERes course page entry. To replace a file, use the "Delete a file" feature to delete the it, and then transfer a replacement. System security does not generally allow files to be overwritten directly through a file transfer.

Note: This feature should not be used to delete entries from a course page: "Delete a file" actions are not coordinated with the ERes database! To delete course page entries use the "Delete entry" button on the Course page functions screen.

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