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Note the following about the fields on the "Add Document" screens:

First screen:
Entry type: Documents of any file format are recognized by ERes, for example, GIF and JPEG image formats, files created with word processor and spread sheet applications, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files... as well as HTML documents and plain text documents. To add a document, select "Document" as the input for "Entry type."
Entry description:: Documents are listed on the course page according to the document description, which can be of any length.More than one space in a row is not allowed in document descriptions.
Second screen:
Document format: The format information is displayed as part of the document entry on the course page. ERes also uses the format information to guide the process by which files associated with the entry are transferred to the ERes server.
Add to folder: This entry only appears if at least one folder has been created on the course page. When folders exist, the drop-box for the "Add to folder" entry presents an option to add the document to one of the folders. To add the document without inserting it into a folder, select "Do not add to a folder" option.
"Have you transferred your files?": If "Yes" is checked, ERes verifies that the files are present on the server before completing the course page entry. If "No" is checked, ERes steps the user through the file transfer process.
File name: The file name must include a file extension, that part of the name which appears after the period in the file name. (These extensions are used by both the computer which runs ERes and your local computer to recognize file formats; see the ERes on-line manual section on file extensions.)

For multi-page / multi-file documentsonly the name of the first page / file should be entered. For more information, see the ERes on-line manual section on file naming conventions.)

Number of pages: This information is displayed as part of the document entry on the course page. The number of pages is used internally for documents in gif or jpg format, that is, for documents which can be multi-page / multi-file. This field cannot be left empty, however; for other types of documents you can enter a number (if appropriate) or a dash.

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