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ERes is Docutek Information Systems' powerful Internet resource which allows faculty at colleges and universities to tap the enormous academic potential of the World Wide Web. With ERes, it's easy for instructors to make documents - like homework solutions and other course material - available to their students over the Web in an organized, easy-to-use fashion.

The newest release of ERes, version 3.1, includes Academic XPressPageTM, Docutek Information Systems' page authoring tool. Academic XPressPageTM enables faculty and others to create course-related Web pages and to tailor them according to specific needs and requirements.

ERes and Academic XPressPageTM employ intuitive interfaces and simple on-screen forms so that, for both faculty and students, no technical knowledge is required to use the system.

ERes recognizes files in any format, for example, GIF, JPEG, HTML, and PDF, as well word processor and plain text formats. Web links can also be entered into the system. ERes handles multi-page/multi-file documents automatically. At their option, instructors can password protect their documents.

A separate Web page is created for every course entered into the ERes system. Students can add these pages to their bookmark files or hotlists, making their use of ERes a snap!

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